Most cyclocross athletes have a good understanding of how to train effectively on the bike in preparation for the sport’s high-octane 45-minute race.  Training off the bike is often, at best, a mish-mash of generalized fitness routines. Worse, off-the-bike strength and conditioning is overlooked altogether.  With PPT, off-season personal training will result in significant improvements in athletic performance come race season in the fall.

Cyclocross Conditioning takes a unique approach for developing both the beginner and seasoned CX athlete.  Using principles of integrated movements, each client is trained to load the body in a contra lateral fashion – mimicking the sport-specific transitions found in cyclocross.  The athlete is also conditioned to tolerate the demands of the sport, avoiding injury by receiving fitness programs that are progressive in design.  As a result, each client develops greater skills in generating more power during transitions and run-ups, as well as the ability to decelerate the body under load, which reduces the potential for injury.

PPT does not believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all training approach.  Each client will undergo physical assessments designed to uncover weaknesses in biomechanics and proprioception skills. Our aim is to increase your power, agility, balance, and the ability to support weight at various distances from your core, while positioned both on and off the bike.

Cyclocross Conditioning is offered on an individual or partner basis only.  There are no training groups or clinics.


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