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Effective off-season training is one of the most powerful tools to improve your athleticism and performance.  Regardless of your primary sport, the off season should be a time to restore balance and realign your body’s neuromuscular function.  Spring is only a few months away.  How you train in the next 8 weeks will have a profound impact on your body’s ability to avoid chronic pain and overuse conditions which have become increasingly common with endurance sports.

Whether it is for the cyclist, skier, or Stand Up Paddler, all too often current training programs and videos of exercise routines are merely duplications of the same motions or modalities utilized in the sport.  The other day I watched a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding ‘training’ video which showed 5 ways to duplicate a paddle stroke with 5 different pieces of indoor exercise equipment…simple minded, and in the long-term, potentially harmful!!

Pulse Personal Training takes a strong departure from many so-called off- season performance programs.  Incorporating the use of unconventional equipment, we focus on a holistic approach to training.  Our unique programs are designed to address weaknesses in biomechanics and proprioception skills.   As an example, all of my clients will master the use of the Bulgarian Bag and the push-up board (Takhteh Shena), tools with roots in ancient and medieval times, which teach the body to learn the art of control in an unstable environment.

Rather than just duplicating the work of the primary muscle groups, my SUP training programs will focus on the ‘total package’ by developing the following skills:

  • Increase Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Strength and power throughout the entire ROM
  • Torso rotation and stability
  • Hip rotation and stability
  • Strengthening the ‘antagonist’ muscle groups (for SUP – the recovery stroke)
  • Strengthening the ‘secondary’ and ‘tertiary’ muscle groups (for SUP – stabilizers of the shoulder, hip, pelvic and sacral complexes)

SUP clinics will begin in February.  Each clinic meets for 8 weeks, two sessions per week (one weekday and one Saturday morning clinic) and is open to men and women ages 13 and up.  Off-season SUP Training is also available on an individual or partner basis.  For additional information on upcoming clinics or private training, please contact us at 541-706-0424 or use the contact us form now!

Stand on Liquid Stand Up Paddle Boards

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