Mobile / Corporate Training

Mobile Training

Train as an individual, with a partner, or with your co-workers.

Train in your own home, outdoors, or at work.

PPT understands that finding the time to workout can be a challenge; however, effective and challenging workouts can be done anywhere. Mobile Training brings the workout to you, so you can improve your fitness while minimizing disruptions to your day.

Corporate Training

PPT offers comprehensive programs which combine health and fitness education for your workforce with the goal being a healthier and happier workplace. This offers your employees a preventative rather than prescriptive approach.

The goal of PPT’s corporate fitness programs is to educate employees on how to live a holistic healthier lifestyle through behavior modification. The return on investment for corporate fitness programs include improved productivity and overall morale, decreased absenteeism, and reducing healthcare costs.

PPT has several flexible fitness programs that your employees can participate in with little room and no equipment. We are confident in our service and are willing to provide a free demo class to show you what we can do. Some of our corporate clients have included:

 Bend Memorial Clinic
 Bend Research
 Green Ridge Consulting
 Mid State Electric
 SAIF Corporation

Let the training come to you!

Mobile Fitness Training

Central Oregon Boot Camps

Miss FIT Boot Camps
Bend || La Pine

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Personalized Fitness Planning

Pulse specializes in creating a custom training plan to meet your sport, diet or personal goals.

Get started today! Download the New Client Questionnaire, fill it out and bring it with you to your first session!

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