Mobile Training

Train as an individual, with a partner, or with your co-workers.

Train in your own home, outdoors, or at work.

PPT understands that finding the time to workout can be a challenge; however, effective and challenging workouts can be done anywhere.  Mobile Training brings the workout to you, so you can improve your fitness while minimizing disruptions to your day.

Corporate Training

Every training session is customized to apply to each individual participant. Fitness training with co-workers fosters camaraderie, team building and friendships through fun and challenging sports-conditioning drills and exercises.  Gain improved core strength, balance, posture, and movement skills, which combat the negative effects of workplace ergonomics.


Sport-specific Training

Take your sport to the highest level with an innovative sports-conditioning program.

All sport training programs at PPT include high-intensity workouts combined with elements of myofascial release and flexibility.

Functional movements specific to your sport of choice are exercised as individual components: You will work on sport-specific balance, full-body strength, integrated movements, metabolic power, core strength and aerobic conditioning. In addition, improving your ability to absorb impact and decelerate your body is a critical skill for preventing injuries.

To complement your workout, recovery training is also included. Dynamic, static, and myofascial techniques are incorporated into each session, promoting your body’s regeneration process.

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SUP Training

Whether it is for the cyclist, skier, or Stand Up Paddler, all too often current training programs and videos of exercise routines are merely duplications of the same motions or modalities utilized in the sport. PPT takes a strong departure from many so-called peak and off- season performance programs. Our programs are uniquely designed to address weaknesses in biomechanics and proprioception skills using unconventional equipment. Maintain your competitive edge and improve your athleticism and performance by starting your training program now.

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Cyclocross Conditioning

Most cyclocross athletes have a good understanding of how to train effectively on the bike in preparation for the sport’s high-octane 45-minute race.  Training off the bike is often, at best, a mish-mash of generalized fitness routines. Worse, off-the-bike strength and conditioning is overlooked altogether.  With PPT, off-season personal training will result in significant improvements in athletic performance come race season in the fall.

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Pulse Training Services

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Personalized Fitness Planning

Pulse specializes in creating a custom training plan to meet your sport, diet or personal goals.

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