After many years of business travel, jet lag, poor diet, and stress, my body and mind needed some major adjustments! Just over a year ago and only a few months before my 60th birthday, I took the first step and joined the WRP Training Studio in Bend. This was the first “gym” that I had ever joined and what appealed to me most was the small-group format and variety of fitness classes.

I tried several classes with different trainers to find the best fit for me. And the best fit for my individual needs was Steve. Steve is unique in that he is attuned to each individual’s needs, whether young or “older.” He is such a positive person, encouraging you every step of the way, and is highly knowledgeable about human anatomy and physiology. Today I feel better than I did in my 30’s and 40s. I look forward to my twice weekly workouts with Steve… he makes the workout fun!

My husband Bruce, now age 65, suffered a severe cerebellum stroke just before our move to Bend 3 years ago. Since I was so impressed with what Steve has been able to do for my overall health and fitness, we arranged for Steve to come to our home to work with Bruce once a week. In less than 6 months, we have seen a tremendous improvement in Bruce’s core strength, balance, endurance, and most importantly, confidence. Bruce was using a wheeled walker whenever he went outside to walk and always used a cane indoors. Today he’s confident and safe walking outside unaided by a walker and uses the cane only occasionally.

I feel that Bruce and are both blessed to have the opportunity to train with Steve. He has made an amazing difference in both our lives.

Steve helped (and continues to help) achieve my training goals.  I’ve been working with Steve for a year now-and have lost over 15 pounds and 5% of body fat.  His workouts are tailored to my specific needs, definitely not a cookie cutter approach.

I appreciate that Steve takes the time prior to each workout to “take stock” of my specific aches and pains.  During workouts, he is constantly monitoring recovery time to ensure the maximum result from that training day.

Most importantly, I’ve taken classes with Steve that has included a wide variety of participants in various states of shape.  Steve has the ability to quickly assess the class, and tailor the workouts in a way that everyone receives a benefit.


I’ve been working out with Steve Utzman in his Miss Fit boot camp since October 2008.  I am 46 years old and in the best shape of my life.  My balance and strength have improved.  In 2009 I ran the Dirty Half marathon and 2010 the Horse Butte 10 miler.  Before Steve’s boot camps, I’d thought my running days were over.  He has given me some specialized “homework” to help with tightness in my hips and lower back.  When I do my homework, my body feels strong and flexible.  Steve encourages me to challenge myself and gives me the tools to achieve greater fitness.  Recently I did 2 back-to-back boot camps to see if I could.  I definitely could and finished stronger than many of the people who were only doing one.  Working out with Steve has strengthened my immune system.  As a teacher I would get laryngitis and bronchitis every fall.  Since 2008, I have taken only 2 sick days for doctor’s appointments.  I think everyone should be in bootcamp because it doesn’t just empower my body, it makes me feel like I can achieve anything.


I’m sure all bootcamps are great, but other bootcamps don’t have Steve, and without Steve they can’t hold a candle to our MisFits Bootcamp!  I went to my first bootcamp back in October, 2009 with the intent of picking his brain for workouts and never going back, because, honestly, I thought it was kinda spendy. Yeah, right! NOT! I’ve been attending ever since. No bootcamp is the same… EVER! Sure, elements repeat, but never the workout as a whole. So yeah, I could steal the elements and make my own workouts, but at the gym I don’t have Steve and all the other amazing MisFits to push me, encourage me, motivate and inspire me. 
I have gone through some dramatic changes in the past year. I started these changes without Steve and the MisFits, but without these amazing people it would have been far more difficult to keep that journey going.  Steve became a coach, a councelor and a friend… a vital element in my quest for some fairly lofty goals.  Last summer I couldn’t even run to the mail box, and today… today I completed my first Olympic Triathlon at the Deschutes Dash in Bend. Steve was volunteering and stationed at the bike transition gate. He was there to send me up the mountain with a high five and hug me when I came in. He was there to cheer me on when the run was soooo hard. It really was AWESOME! I didn’t win… not even close, but I finished. I FINISHED A FREAKIN’ OLYMPIC TRIATHLON!!! I cannot thank Steve enough for all he’s done.  Anybody who becomes a MisFit will be better for it!!! GUARANTEED!  It’s simply incredible… period.


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